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We Are All Ministers – by Brad Winklesky

Re-reading Colossians 1:24-29 this week, I am reminded of this truth. We are all ministers.

A minister is a person through which something is accomplished. There is no question that Paul, the other apostles and the disciples were ministers. They accomplished many things, things that we can still see the results of today.

The thing I have to remember is that before we can accomplish anything for God, He needs to accomplish something in us. He needs us to surrender to Him as our savior, our redeemer, our teacher, and our Lord. Then and only then can we be given a commission.

This commission gives us an identity and a purpose. Paul identified himself as a divinely appointed steward/administrator (1:25), a word widely used in the Roman world for the administrator of an estate or a large household. His purpose was to make the word of God fully known (1:25).

Paul continues by saying more about what it means for one to fully know the word of God, and that is to embrace the mystery that was hidden for ages and generations but now is revealed to the saints (1:26). And this mystery is Christ in us (1:27).

Paul is saying that God himself, in the person of Christ, will be personally present in the lives of His people and this was to be news to Jews and Gentiles alike, so that there would be one unified people of God (Philippians 3:2-6). These unified people would then go, discerning and shooting to accomplishing God’s will (Romans 12:2).

Our charge is really no different. As Oswald Chambers once said, “The goal of the missionary is to do God’s will, not to be useful or to win the lost. A missionary is useful and he does win the lost, but that is not his goal. His goal is to do the will of his Lord.”

We are all ministers. That is we should be people through which something is accomplished. And let us make that “something” God’s will, individually and collectively.

Brad Winklesky serves on the Hospitality Team at VLC. He currently serves as the Director of the Managed Services Program for ServIT, Inc (a technology and Managed Service Provider headquartered in Kennesaw, GA). He enjoys reading, spending time with his family and anything to do with technology.

Worried – by Jack Hebb III

But the Lord was with Joseph… …And whatever he did, the Lord made it succeed – Genesis 39:21-23

Is there a more awesome, reassuring thing than having God with you? Creator and sustainer of all that ever has or ever will exist …with you! If a being like God is with you, how could anything else be against you, how can you worry about anything when it’s all under His control?

Sadly, in spite of that, we usually do get caught up in worry or fear. Worry about how we might pay bills, worried about our health, worried over family and friends. We worry over trivial things that might seem like a big deal for whatever reason, and there are still endless “what-ifs” that we could worry about too. When we worry though, we’re ultimately worrying because we don’t trust that God will do what He says or that “He is with us”. If you worry that you might lose your job, pray to keep it, and then lose it anyway you might feel as if you were neglected because your prayer wasn’t answered, but what if God planned to bring you into a much better job? You may pray for just “good,” and God can surprise you with “No, I’m giving you better!”

So how can we stop worrying and have God with us? The simple answer is, be with Him! Obedience to His commands helps draw us closer to God and when we’re with Him, He’s always with us; Sin is the great separator; from the first with Adam and Eve, to those we are guilty of personally, sin pushes us away from God, and some sins may even be the cause of a worry to begin with. By no means will I advocate “senseless faith” like jumping in front of bus and expecting to be fine “because God is with me” (Jesus covers that in Matthew 4), but if you are truly acting in faith by His will or for His glory then He WILL be with you.

As Brother Maurice beautifully shared on Sunday, the story of Joseph is a prime example of why you should trust God. Though Joseph certainly had trials and things we’d worry about, he kept God’s commands and gave glory to God despite the circumstances. From being sold into slavery, facing temptation then accusation from Potiphar’s wife, and being imprisoned, to being second in command over a nation! Not because of any skill of his own, not because he was knowledgeable, or handsome, but because God was with him. No life is free from trials or challenges, but NO trial or challenge can be greater than God! If you are with Him then He WILL be with you, and WILL get you through it according to His plan.

So do want to live your own way and worry about how things will be, or do you want God with you too?

Jack serves running the VLC website. He also works as an IT Admin running the websites of and He enjoys almost all typical “geek” associated things, anything that makes him laugh, and especially loves his wife and son.