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Reflecting on the Fast

Having finishing our church-wide fast, here’s what some have said they learned from the experience…

– I was reminded every time I wanted to break my fast how much Jesus gave up for me. God is so good. He is with us through all things!!! BE THANKFUL

– One of my fasts as to stay off social media. I learned I can be more productive and relaxed without it. I will continue to limit social media.

– Fasting for the past 2 weeks reminded me that I’m a partner in a church that preaches/lives out truth! Praise the Lord!

– My fast was limiting my PC game playing. That was harder than giving up a food. This taught me about my time isn’t always spent on what’s most important. Amen.

– Starting going through uncertain times at work again. Through fasting I was reminded of all God’s grace through hard times and good. He is always with me and my family!! Thank you Jesus!

– Yes, I did fast. I learned that even above my daily devotions, I need to study more of His word daily.

– Fasted desserts and Facebook. Learned how much time I wasted. Acts study of Saul’s ministry and how God will use us no matter our past. I need to be aware of distractions-Facebook.

– God taught me that determination in my health takes discipline. This discipline starts by not wasting time on useless things as social media.

– I fasted and wow!! What an awesome time with the Lord. This fast for me was long overdue. He used the time that I had freed up to speak to me and for me to talk to Him. Thank you.

– Patience; be still and quiet. Wait on God and let Him speak through me. True wisdom and knowledge is available to us if we seek and listen.

– God taught me that all too often our prayers in times of trouble focus on our circumstances and we forget to pray about the condition of our hearts in those circumstances.

– I fasted every drink except water and learned that the promises I make to God are more important than the things tempting me. The promise I made to God to fast was way more important to me than every time temptation tried to break me.

– God showed me I did not need the sugar or cokes. He also spoke to me when I was tempted to eat sweets or drink coke. These were the things I was in bondage to and I had no control over them. I praise God for setting me free!

– I fasted from drinking anything but water and God taught me that you can overcome temptation when you put everything into Jesus. It was an amazing growth between me and God in 2 weeks.

– Thank you Brad and Chris for today! My fast was eating Paleo without all sweeteners (no grain, no sugar, no caffeine, etc). What God did in me: He showed me that I had neglected to receive His love on a daily basis. I got back on track. He freed me from shame I didn’t know I had and has helped me to live in more freedom through and because of receiving His love every day. As a result, this has opened my eyes to love certain others in the way they receive love best. All praises be to Him! Also because He loves me, I’m taking better care of myself. Praise Jesus!

– Fasting for the first “real” time and it was great! God showed up big time for me.

– I fasted media – specifically Facebook and Netflix. I learned how fidgety I am, how quickly/often I turn to media for distraction. It was a struggle to be still and to be quiet. To not need to be entertained all the time. I read more in the past 2 weeks (fiction and non-fiction) than I have in a year. God showed me the importance of being quiet; being still.

– During this fast, God proved that there is nothing I am dependent on on this earth. I am dependent completely on God. I did not think that I could quit coffee, and the first 3 days were very difficult but then I started waking up and going to sleep much quicker. God is good! He is faithful in all things.

– I gave up fast food, pretty hard in my job driving around. If I prepared, then the meals were there. Just as my Bible is there preparing me for life.

My Fasting Experience – by Christen Calhoun

I’m so thankful VLC does this Church-wide fast every year. This time God corrected my view of what my walk with him looks like, and poured His love and grace on me in such a refreshing way I could taste it!

A few weeks before the fast started, some of my old self destructive ways started rearing their ugly heads. By the grace of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit in me, those old ways were corrected more quickly than they use to be, but that’s not to say there wasn’t damage done. So as we started the fast, I was dealing with major guilt that lead to depression. But God loves us SO SO much that He gave me exactly what I needed to be pulled out of my funk, and fast. By the 4th or 5th day of the fast, when I could bear the headaches (I fasted from sweets, so I had bad headaches and other sugar withdrawal symptoms the first 4 days or so), I sat down to do Bible study homework and it was mostly on a guilty conscience. It was based off 2 Timothy 1:3A when Paul is in jail, but thanking God and saying he serves him with a clear conscience. We can’t serve how we are called to, with a clear conscience, if we haven’t dealt with our guilt at the foot of the cross. Beth Moore pointed out how we can repent and seek forgiveness, but still carry the burden of guilt for years. Hebrews 10:22 was a beautiful verse for me, “let us draw near to God with a sincere heart and with the full assurance that faith brings, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water.” Over and over it was exactly what I needed and I was overcome with God’s love for me, and absolutely no condemnation.

I’ve always pictured my walk with God like the pictures I’ve seen of the backs of what’s suppose to be Jesus and a person walking side by side. But through the struggle before the fast and the fast, God showed me that He intends for us to be arm in arm locked together. Much closer and connected. And for me, that way when I trip, because I am going to slip up, I won’t fall as far as I have in the past. If our arms are locked together I can’t fall into those deep dark holes that are so hard to get out of. I’ll trip and stumble of course, but I’ll be able to get right back up, because in my weakness He is strong (2 Corinthians 12:9.) I also know that for that kind of closeness, it requires making time with Him a priority. Studying His Word, serving Him, giving, praying, journaling. But don’t mistaken that for work, because spending time with my creator that loves me more than I can understand isn’t work at all, it is GREAT joy that I want more than anything!

This verse kept coming to mind over the 2 weeks, “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” When Brad preached on love and this verse Sunday, I knew I had to share what God did in my life over those few weeks.

Christen Calhoun serves on the hospitality team at the kids check-in table at VLC. She is married to Ben who you have probably seen rocking out with his guitar, and mother to 3 children, Leo, Ryder, and Violet. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, bible study, anything that gets your adrenaline pumping, crafting, and finding killer deals when she shops.