Our “Big Gives” are reoccurring events where we go above and beyond to help each other, our community, or even around the world. This can include anything from monetary donations, bringing glasses from the dollar store, or making lunches. You can see the current Big Give below and all the details on how you can be a part of it. Big Gives aren’t on a precise schedule since the needs can vary, so if you don’t see one now just check back often to stay up-to-date.


October 20, 2019 – Operation Christmas Child

VLC is partnering with Samaritan’s Purse to provide “Christmas Boxes” to children worldwide. Stop by the Community Ministry table in the lobby for a box and list of items needed then bring it back filled on Sunday, October 20, 2019.

Contact Seab and Bonnie at vlckids@verticallifechurch.net for more information.


September 15, 2019 – V-Fest GO Candy

This year our annual V-Fest is going out into the community and will be at both Ten68 West Apartments and Dallas Elementary, so we are collecting bags of candy (individually wrapped candies) to supply both events. Bring your Big Give to church September 15th, and email Seab & Bonnie for any questions or if you want to help (vlckids@verticallifechurch.net)

August 11, 2019 – Glasses for Widows

On Sunday, August 11th, we will be collecting reading glasses for the widows in Africa. You can even find these glasses at most dollar stores!

June 23 & July 14 – CAYA Summer Lunches

On Sunday, July 14, We are asking everyone to bring the salty snacks (goldfish, crackers, etc), sweet snacks (applesauce, fruit cup, etc) and juice boxes ready to go in paper bags. After church, we’ll all work together to make the PB & J sandwiches. Our goal is 200 complete lunches!

June 2, 2019 – A Big Give of Small Things for Puerto Rico

Our Big Give for June will be collecting travel-size toiletries for the Puerto Rico mission trip. You can bring them to either VLC or the Walkup Ranch for the Anniversary Picnic

March 31, 2019 – Reach Out
Our student ministry (grades 6-12) will participate in Reach Out, local mission projects Monday through Wednesday and a fun day on Thursday (during Spring Break April 1-4).
This Sunday is our Big Give for Reach Out. We need the items listed below that our students will use to serve our community. Just drop off your donations at the Welcome Center!

-Sliced ham, turkey, and cheese
-Peanut butter & jelly
-Individual chip bags
-Peanut butter cracker packs
-Apple sauces
-Little Debbie snack cakes
-Juice boxes
-Hot dogs & buns
-Canned soft drinks
-Bottled water

November 4th, 2017 – Thanksgiving Big Give
We are once again partnering with CAYA Ministries to provide Thanksgiving dinner to our neighbors in need. Each bag of food will feed 1 family. We hope you will join us in showing the love of Christ to our community by bringing the following items in a paper bag on November 4th…

Please ask for a paper bag with the following shopping list
– Canned Sweet Potatoes or Yams
– Cranberry Sauce
– Canned Green Beans
– Canned Corn or Peas
– Canned Fruit (2)
– Canned Soups (2)
– Dessert Mix or Brownie Mix
– Dressing or Stuffing Mix
– Cornbread or Biscuit Mix (2)
– Macaroni & Cheese Mix or Rice (boxed)
– Jello (2)

October 14 & 21 – Verticalfest and GO! Candy

Our Big Give for October is candy for VerticalFest and GO! Saturday. We need lots of individually wrapped candy to give away as prizes at both events.

VerticalFest and GO! Saturday are October 27
VerticalFest will be here at the church from 10:00am to noon. We will have games, inflatables, candy, and prizes for kids of all ages.
GO! Saturday will be in a few locations in our community from 1:00pm – 3:00pm.

We are taking games, inflatables, candy, and prizes out into our community to share the love of Christ with those around us!
Learn more about VerticalFest here

September 9, 2018 – For Herschel Jones Middle School
We have begun a partnership with Herschel Jones Middle School to help them with their weekly backpack program. They send home non-perishable foods with kids in need to feed them over the weekends. They are asking for items such as granola bars, oatmeal or grits packets, boxed mac & cheese, cereal, canned soup, etc. Starting September 9 but we will have a bin out in the lobby on an ongoing basis so that you can bring in foods any time.

July 22, 2018 – Summer Lunches & School Supplies
July 22nd we will once again collect prepared lunches to feed hungry kids in the community in partnership with CAYA Ministries. Refer to the information below on what is needed and how to prepare it.

Lunch Contents:
– 1 peanut butter & jelly sandwich,
– 1 salty snack (individually prepackaged chips, pretzels, Goldfish, crackers & cheese, etc.),
– 1 sweet snack (individually prepackaged cookies, brownies, fruit item, pudding cup, etc. Fruit item may consist of fresh fruit, applesauce, fruit cup, or fruit snack)
– 1 juice box

Instructions for Making and Packing Lunches:
1. Clean the preparation area.
2. Wash your hands or put on gloves.
3. Pre-mix the peanut butter with the jelly in a large bowl.
4. Remove a white or whole wheat bread loaf from its bread bag and set it on a clean, flat surface. Yes. All of it. Keep the bread bag!
5. Spread peanut butter/jelly mix onto bread and make a sandwich.
6. Put the sandwich into a sealable Ziploc bag.  DO NOT USE FOLD-OVER BAGS (The sandwiches are likely to fall out).
7. Put the ziplocked/bagged sandwich into the empty bread bag.
8. Continue building sandwiches, sealing them into the ziplock bags, and loading them into the bread bag.
9. When the bread bag is full, tie the bag closed.
10. Put the bread bag (with the ziplocked/bagged sandwiches inside) into a refrigerator or cooler until they are delivered. Deliver these separately from the individual paper lunch bags.
11. Put all other lunch items (1 salty snack, 1 sweet snack and a juice box) into individual paper lunch bags (Except fresh fruit. Deliver fresh fruit separately).
12. Feel free to decorate the paper bags!
13. If you would like to provide an extra treat (i.e. lollipops or candy), please deliver it separately and it will be handed out to the children.

School Supplies

In addition to the lunches above, we will also be collecting specific school supplies, so please bring as many of those listed below as you can to help children in the community.
– Backpacks
– Composition books
– 2-pocket folders with prongs

March 25, 2018 – Mission Team Flooring
We have the opportunity to help our South Dakota Mission Team complete a project. They will be laying a new floor at a facility used by our mission partners.
We are asking you to sponsor 1 box of flooring for $25 (or you can sponsor several boxes!). Our goal is to raise $3,500 to completely cover the cost of the flooring.

November 5th, 2017 – Thanksgiving Big Give
We are once again partnering with CAYA Ministries to provide Thanksgiving dinner to our neighbors in need. Each bag of food will feed 1 family. We hope you will join us in showing the love of Christ to our community by bringing the following items in a paper bag on November 5th…

Canned Sweet Potatoes or Yams (32 oz. can)
Cranberry Sauce (14 oz can)
Canned Green Beans (2 – 14.5 oz cans)
Canned Corn (2 – 15 oz cans)
Packet of gravy mix (2)
Box of Mashed Potatoes (enough to serve 6)
Dessert Mix or Brownie Mix
Box of Stuffing Mix
Muffin Mix (enough to serve 6)
Macaroni & Cheese (3 – 7.25 oz boxes)

October 15th, 2017 – Vertical Fest Candy
On October 15th, we’ll be collection individually wrapped candy for VerticalFest 2017 (on October 21st at 11am).
This is one of our biggest community outreach events of the year, and we need lots of candy to give away to the kids and families that come.
If you would like more information or would like to volunteer, please see verticallifechurch.net/vertical-fest or contact Courtney Schmidt at cbethschmidt@gmail.com