We want to help you build the habit of discipling your children as you GO…Just like Deuteronomy 11:19 says:
“Teach them (God’s words)  to your children, talking about them when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.”
We aim to help by providing weekly updates to what’s being taught in each ministry, giving you the content to have at home, along with questions and activities for each Sunday’s lessons. As we begin to think about how God has called us to GO in our daily lives, let’s not forget that our own children are our most important mission field.  Think of the fruit that will come from the years of discipleship that they will receive in your home.
See below for your relevant ministry’s updates…


Last Sunday we kicked off “HAVE YOU SEEN JESUS AT THE BEACH?”!
We talked about Jesus calling the fish disciples and making them “Fisher of Men”.
Our memory verse is, “Come, follow me and I will make you fisher of men” – Matthew 4:19

– What was the job of the people that Jesus called?
– What did Jesus ask the disciples to do?
– Why do we as Christians fish for people?

Action: Read the story from Matthew 4 with your family.



“I looked to the Lord, and he answered me. He saved me from everything I was afraid of.” Psalm 34:4 (NIV)


At Home:
Ask each family member to share a few things they are afraid of. Have the family make a large circle. The first person to receive the ball should say the verse above and then toss the ball to a family member. That person will catch the ball, repeat the verse, and toss it to someone who hasn’t had it yet. Have them continuing tossing and repeating the verse until everyone has had a turn. Time yourselves and see how quickly the ball can make it to each person. Play a few times and try to beat your time.
When we are afraid, we should ask for God to help us. We may not immediately feel better after we pray but we can trust that God will help us. Memorizing this verse will help us to remember that God hears us and will help us!!

In the car:
Discussion point: Even though we can’t see Him, God is always there to protect us and help us when we are afraid.
While driving in a vehicle, discuss motor vehicle safety devices like car seats, seat belts and air bags. Explain that seat belts are used to protect passengers from injuries if the vehicle has to stop quickly or is in a collision. Liken this to a parent holding a child’s hand while crossing the street, or walking up or down stairs, or on rough terrain. Seat belts are protection that you can see and feel.

Next, tell your child about vehicles equipped with air bags. Explain that air bags are devices that you cannot see or feel, yet they are always there, offering protection if there is a sudden impact. This is the way God is – He is always with us, even though we can’t see Him. He is ready to help or protect us any time we need His help.



(Middle & Highschool)

Content: This week in Elevate we heard from Brad Dalton as we continued talking about spiritual disciplines and having a deeper relationship with the Lord through these disciplines. Brad focused on the consequences of lack of spiritual disciplines in your life and how his life has been impacted greatly by spending time with the Lord regularly.
GO Moment: This week Brad challenged all of the youth to go to bed and wake up at the same time (even during the summer) because this will set up a regular time for you to spend with the Lord without getting messed up by staying up too late and/or by sleeping in. He also urged the students to set up a regular time to spend with God each day.
Ask: Ask your student(s) if they are spending time with the Lord regularly and what does that look like for them? Encourage them to set aside time daily and help them fit this time into their schedules.