“Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or imagine.”  Eph. 3:20

The Greater Vision

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I can’t believe how far our church has come in just 6 years.  Those of us who were around at the beginning have vivid memories of our initial launch meeting in the Parkhurst living room, and then stepping out to see what God would do! 

The 63 people that gathered at Abney Elementary on June 3, 2012 were excited for a church that was “different.”  Different in focus and vision.  And we’ve tried to maintain that vision: a bold proclaiming of the Word; deep, heartfelt worship; strong, united community, and a vision for making disciples and changing our world.

When 2015 rolled around, we knew it was time to move on from the weekly setting up and tearing down at the school.  That year was a big year for VLC, as we watched God provide not only a space to lease, but the money to build it out.  It was a giant white box when we signed the lease, and it needed $160,000 to transform the hardware store to a house of worship.  We moved in debt free, with great celebration! And here we are 3 years later, averaging nearly 300 people on a weekend, and needing to take our next step

Our lease ends 2 years from this October.  At that point, our landlord could make our rent unaffordable, or decide not to renew us.  We want to be proactive in positioning ourselves as ready to do whatever is needed, whether that be purchasing the building, or moving to another site that the Lord shows us.  We need to be financially sound and spiritually prepared. So, for the next 10 weeks (to mid November), we will be walking through the Greater campaign.  There will be a twofold focus:

1) To bring about a greater spiritual focus from our people, resulting in a greater love for God and growth in discipleship.
2) To raise funds to further the mission of VLC and provide the foundation for a permanent home.

Below, you will find a Fact Sheet that shares more of the details of Greater

I can’t wait to see where God takes us.  I can’t imagine my life, or the life of my family without VLC.  Can you?  He has done so much in so many of our lives over these last 6 years.  What will He do with the next 60?

Please join us on this journey!
Brad Parkhurst – Lead Pastor


1. To bring about a greater spiritual focus from our people, resulting in a greater love for God and growth in discipleship.
2. To raise funds to further the mission of VLC, and provide the foundation for a permanent home.

We are completing our third year in a five year lease on our building. With the uncertainty involved in a lease-renewal, we want to be positioned to make an offer to buy the building or purchase another one.

Pray for your church, her leadership, and everything involved in Greater. Pray that God will reveal what part He wants you to play in it.
Be an active part of VLC over the next couple of months. Be present at the services and a Vision Night, do the daily prayer challenge, pray daily.
Give as the Lord leads you. Give enthusiastically, extravagantly, and creatively.
Celebrate your obedience to God, and celebrate His provision for VLC!

September 30: Greater Campaign begins.
October 14 & 16: Vision Nights (Only one need be attended)
November 9-10: Greater Prayer Event
November  11: Greater Commitment Sunday
November  18: Greater Celebration Sunday

• As usual, we will give a 10% tithe ($40,000) away. This will go to our mission partners here in Paulding County, in South Dakota, and across the world in Africa, Slovakia, Puerto Rice, and Nicaragua.
• Another 10% ($40,000) will be retained to assist in meeting our operating expenses. This will give us prudent reserve fund to help with variable seasons of giving.
• The remainder ($320,000) will be used as a down payment to purchase our building, or one that God reveals to us.


Where we’ve been…

Where we were led…

Where we are…

…Will you join us for what’s next?

To give for this campaign online, visit verticallifechurch.net/giving and select “Greater” from the dropdown menu