The Kitchen is a weekly Bible study/fellowship for young marrieds/newly marrieds/or engaged couples.  The purpose of The Kitchen is to encourage fellowship and group study for people in this young and crucial phase of life. It’s a great way for people in this life stage to support and “do life” with other folks who are in the same phase.

The content studied varies, sometimes the group will study books of the Bible, at other times there will be topical conversation and study – but either way, they always have a good time!  At times, will also split up in to guys and girls so we can share concerns and struggles, and pray with and encourage one another.

As a group, we like to look for ways to serve one another and our community; and our goal is to reach out to new couples who come to VLC that are in this stage of life. This group meets every other Sunday at 6:30pm.

For more information, e-mail Courtney Schmidt at