Welcome to VLC Students!!

Here at Vertical Life Church we want your student to experience God above all else!  We want their faith to grow as they learn from the Bible how to live out being a disciple of Christ.  It is our prayer that they leave our ministry a rooted disciple ready to take on the world!

During the week we have a couple of different experiences for your student.

Sunday Mornings at the 9am service is our student Bible study where the students are split into small groups, dive into the Scriptures, and talk through it.  (During the 11am service students can either join their parents or serve)

Elevate happens on Wednesday night from 6:30-8:00.  During Elevate we get to hang out, play games, listen to someone teach from the Bible, and break up into small groups at the end.  It is a great opportunity for your student to get to know other students and have fun.

Throughout the year we have various events planned.  Each with a purpose to either stretch or grow your student to be living out the Gospel more in their lives.  We so desire that your student learns that God is crazy about them and desires an intimate relationship with them.

The student ministry team is here for you and your student.  Please let us know how we can serve you.
If you have anymore questions you can contact
Seab Baker – Middle School Pastor – seab@verticallifechurch.net
Bryan Barton – High School Pastor – bryan@verticallifechurch.net
Katlyn Dalton – Girl’s Minister – katlyn@verticallifechurch.net
Jennifer Harris – Youth Admin – j_harris_7@yahoo.com
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