Welcome to the VLC Student Ministry!

Our events are centered around three things; teaching the Gospel to the students, allowing them opportunities to live out the Gospel in application, and then demonstrating the Gospel through service and mission trips.

Teaching – Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm – 8:00pm we have a Bible-saturated, God glorifying study.

Application – We have several events throughout the year that gather students together to demonstrate what they have learned. These event stress discipleship and practical application of the Gospel. These events can be as intensive as a weekend event or a simple movie night where students can show the love of Christ to those they bring.

Demonstrate – This is another event driven aspect of our ministry. These events give students an opportunity to serve others on the mission field. Ranging from a few hour events in the summer to week long trips to Nicaragua these events provide students an opportunity to live out our mission statement. What is our mission statement? I am glad you asked!

Mission Statement – Bring Hope to the Broken through Relentless Love.

If you have any more Questions please contact Seab Baker at seab@verticallifechurch.net.