Brad Parkhurst – Lead Pastor

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Brad and Angie Parkhurst grew up in Oklahoma and have been married for 22 years and have 3 great kids – Cameron, Carson and Avery. They have over 26 years of ministry experience, with many of those years in student ministry. Brad loves to coach and watch sports with his boys, go on dates with Avery, and spend lots of time with Angie. His passion is for people to come to Christ, no matter their background, and to follow Him completely through “taking their next step” in corporate worship and personal discipleship.

Bryan Barton – High School and Discipleship Pastor
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Bryan has been married for eleven years to his wife Lee Ann and they share a passion for ministry. He has five children, Alice (their Slovak daughter), Elijah, Evangeline, Merci and Enoch. Bryan’s experience in ministry has always involved College and Young Singles, Youth, mission work in Slovakia and he is currently working with Vertical Life Church to develop discipleship further. Bryan spends his lack of extra time playing sports, reading and enjoying meaningful conversations.

Bonnie Baker – Elementary Children’s Minister
Seab Baker – Elementary & Middle School Pastor, Building Manager

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Seab and Bonnie have been married for nineteen years now.  They have four awesome kids!  Zeke, Silas, Cali, and Ruby.  They love that they get to do ministry together and feel that God has called them to serve along side each other.  They enjoy hanging out with friends and meeting new families.  For fun as a family they love going camping, playing together, going on vacations and making memories, and eating good food.  They are so excited that God has allowed them to partner with families, to help equip parents to teach their children what it means to follow Jesus! 

Emily Woodard – Preschool Director
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Emily serves as the birth – preschool director at Vertical life alongside her Mom, Misty Woodard. She loves seeing children grasp Biblical truths and begin to understand God’s love! Emily also enjoys helping Bryan lead FLI, the college/young singles ministry at Vertical Life. Her favorite part of her week is hosting the college/young singles in her home, baking them brownies, and helping them grow in their relationship with Christ and each other. Emily has spent her past 6+ summers serving as a part of the Slovakia mission team and considers Slovakia her second home. Her greatest desire is to see the younger generation here and abroad have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to equip them to be disciples who make disciples and multiply the kingdom.
Misty Woodard – Preschool Director & FaithBridge Coordinator
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Misty and her husband Andy have lived in Georgia for the past 10 years. They have 4 children Emily, Levi, Isaiah, and MaryGrace. They are also foster parents through FaithBridge Foster Care. They recently adopted MaryGrace through Faithbridge and hope to adopt one more to be a part of their forever family.” Misty is a former preschool teacher and has been involved in nursery and preschool ministry since she was little and served with her Mom. She serves as the nursery and preschool director at Vertical Life, alongside her daughter Emily. She loves homeschooling her kids, shopping, eating out, and hanging out with friends and family.

Cameron Parkhurst – Worship Coordinator
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Cameron is a college student at Liberty University Online. He is doing his best to follow the Lord’s calling on his life by helping the Church voice their worship, in order to give God His breath back. He loves hanging out with friends, playing Ultimate Frisbee, watching sports, and spending time with his amazing family.

Reggie Abercrombie – Elder
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Reggie and his beautiful wife Karen have been a part of VLC since day one. They have always had a heart for helping churches that were in the early stages. This is the first church they have been a part of from the ground up. We always felt that God was calling us to be a part of a church that wasn’t like all the rest. We feel the closeness of being part of the big family here. We also love how VLC gives back to the community and to those who are in need that attend VLC. We look forward to seeing what GOD continues to do with VLC. We have two children and four grandchildren that live less than an hour from our home. So we give you one guess what we like to do.

Mark Isley – Elder
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I was raised in Powder Springs, Georgia, and graduated from McEachern High School in 1977. I was ordained as a minister in 2001. I pastored Cross Walk Chapel in Hiram for 15 years (2001-2016). Amy and I began to attend Vertical Life Church in the spring of 2017. I am excited to be a part of a church that truly follows Christ and is committed to it’s people’s spiritual development, our community, and the lost world around us.

Nidia Walkup – Global Missions Director
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When Nidia accepted the Lord she knew that she was called into the mission field, but hesitated for years. Nidia’s passion is serving others in the mission field. Every fiber in her body is geared towards the rejected, neglected and ignored. Being the hands, feet and heart of Jesus is what drives her. She’s married with two children and four grandchildren.

Rachel Adair – Administrative Assistant
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Rachel and her husband, Nick, have lived in Paulding County since 2005. They have two wonderful children – Angie and Caleb. Rachel has been the administrative assistant for VLC and Nick has been the technical director since VLC launched in June of 2012. Both love watching God use VLC to change people’s lives with the gospel. They are excited to see people grow in their faith through serving at VLC, in our community, and around the world.

Nick Adair – Technical Director
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Nick is the husband of our Administrative Assistant, Rachel, and serves as our Technical Director at VLC. He and Rachel have been partners at VLC since we began in 2012. He and his team handle the technical aspects in our building including sound, lighting, projection, video, and networking.  His goal is to create a healthy rotation of A/V volunteers who help to ensure quality, distraction-free environments for worship services and events.  Nick has more than 20 years experience with church A/V systems. He also works full time as a Senior Cost Consultant at Project Time & Cost, LLC in Atlanta.  

Marty Altman – Counselor
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Marty is a trained counselor who is fully licensed to practice in Georgia. He has been practicing for over 7 years and is comfortable discussing any topic. He specializes in working with men, families, and children and has an extensive history in children’s therapy. Couples sessions and individual adult sessions are also available. He offers counseling that integrates Christian principles with compassionate attention and traditional counseling. The first 3 sessions with Marty for VLC Partners are paid for by the church. Afterward, Marty accepts some insurances and health savings accounts as well as self-pay. Public Service and Military discounts may apply. Marty is the husband of Carolyn and a father to their 3 boisterous children.

Katie Burns – Graphic Designer
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Katie and her husband, Chris, have been married for thirteen years and have lived in Dallas since 2005. They have two amazing children: Ryan and Alanna. She feels honored to be able to use the degree she earned with the talents God has given her to help VLC communicate their passion for changing lives and encouraging people in their walk with Christ.

Jennifer Harris – Photographer
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Jennifer loves taking pictures for VLC! She is also involved with FLI  (the college and young singles ministry) and helps out with events and planning for the students. She enjoys photography, reading, writing, going new places, and spending time with friends. She’s been on several different mission trips and feels most called to Kenya.

Jack Hebb III – Webmaster
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Jack serves as VLC webmaster, among a few other ways, and has been at VLC since it began. He loves to laugh, share his testimony, hear others’ testimonies, and spend time with his wife and son. Outside of church he works as an IT Manager for a small office and Saturdays with Home Depot, but if not working or serving, will enjoy just being with his family.

Anna Massey – Student Ministry Intern
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Anna is a student at Kennesaw State University. She has a heart for missions both locally and internationally. Since coming to VLC, she has has been involved in the college and young singles ministry, went to Slovakia on a mission trip, and helps with the student ministry. She loves to help get students involved and plugged in, and helping them grow in their walks with the Lord.

Wilfredo Sagastume – Student Ministry Intern
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Wilfredo is a 21 year old student at Kennesaw State University who is serving as an intern for the youth ministry. Since placing his trust in God, he wants nothing more than to share the love and joy that comes from knowing and following Jesus. He is passionate about helping our students come into a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Father. In his free time he enjoys playing sports, especially ultimate frisbee with the students of Vertical Life Church. He loves being part of a team and encouraging those around him.