We want to help you build the habit of discipling your children as you GO …as Deuteronomy 11:19 says: “Teach them (God’s words) to your children, talking about them when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.”

We aim to help by providing weekly updates to what’s being taught in each ministry, giving you the content to have at home, with questions and activities for each Sunday’s lessons. As we think about how God has called us to GO in our daily lives, let’s not forget that our own children are our most important mission field. Think of the fruit that will come from the years of discipleship that they will receive in your home.

Find your ministry’s GO Moment below…


This week in Wee Worship we read the bible story: Water from a Rock (Exodus 17:1-7)

Activity: Tower of Power (Application Activity)

Supplies: Plastic cups (5 per group)

Preparation: Stack the five cups into a tower by alternating them right side up and upside down. Starting at the top, write one of the letters P-O-W-E-R on each of the five plastic cups. When finished, the tower should spell “power” from top to bottom.

Directions: Challenge the children to work together to build the Tower of Power. Begin by teaching the children how to spell “power.” Next, choose a child to go first. Ask the child, “What is something that you need to live?” (Ex. food, water, bed, house, family, etc.) After answering, allow them to place the “R” cup on the ground. Continue having children answer the question and stack the cups by alternating them right side up and upside down so that it spells “power” from top to bottom. If they can stack all five cups without falling over, have the kids say “God is so, so powerful.” If the tower falls over, have the children do 10 jumping jacks and start over.

If you want to play multiple rounds with increasing difficulty, allow children to use both hands during round one, only one hand during round two, and only their non-dominant hand (usually left) during round three.

Take Home Family Go Sheet available here



Big Idea: God is compassionate and wants us to show compassion to others even if they’re different from us.

Bible Basis: Luke 10:25-37

Key Verse: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul. Love him with all your strength and with all your mind.’ And, ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’” Luke 10:27

Give each person in your family a small handful of M&Ms™ and a napkin. Tell everyone not to eat the M&Ms™ just yet. Have everyone secretly place one of their M&Ms™ in their hand and close it so no one can see the color. Tell your kids to hold their closed hands in the middle of the circle. Count to 3 and have everyone open their hands. Count to see which color was chosen the most. Have everyone who chose that color answer the corresponding question from below. When finished answering, those people can eat that M&M™. Repeat this until all the color questions are answered below. At the end, let everyone finish eating any of their remaining M&Ms™.

Say: These M&M’s™ all look a little different, don’t they? They’re different colors and some of them are even slightly different in shape. But, even though they have different colors and shapes, they’re all M&M’s™ on the inside. That’s how people are. We look different, we talk differently, we have different ideas, but we’re all people and God loves us the same. God shows compassion to everyone and He wants us to show compassion to others, no matter how different they are from us. Let’s play a game using our M&M’s™ to help us think of ways we can show compassion.

Red: What are some ways you could show compassion this coming week?
Yellow: Who are some people you have the hardest time showing compassion to?
Green: Tell us about a time in the past that you showed compassion.
Blue: Tell us about a time when someone showed compassion to you.
Orange: In what ways has God shown compassion to you?
Brown: Do you know someone who shows a lot of compassion? Who is it and what do they do?

Question: Who remembers what compassion means? (Answer: seeing someone in need and helping that person.)



(Middle & Highschool)

This week we heard from a very special speaker from Slovakia: Peter! Peter talked about the importance of faith. Peter used to be a science teacher before stepping into ministry full time and used lots of science example to show how we believe in things that we cannot see.

This week ask your child about what examples they liked and why?
Ask them about what faith means to them.

This month we are talking about BIG QUESTIONS!

This is such an important series for your children to ask any big questions that they have about God, the bible, creation, etc. We hope to create an environment that welcomes these BIG QUESTIONS and be able to discuss them openly.


We started off this series by asking everyone to ask questions anonymously and everyone asked something vital to faith. This month I would encourage you to ask your children about what question(s) they asked and talk with them about it. As well as asking them after each Elevate what they learned that night. Please feel free to ask Bryan, Seab, and Katlyn about any questions that you have.