Find your place in the Kingdom. // Eph 2:10
Live life together. // Acts 2:42-46
Invest to Eternalize. // Matt 28:18-20

We know that the college / young single age is full of pivotal life decisions. This is the time that most people have to answer questions like, "What will I do with my life?", "Who will I marry?", and "What do I really believe?" FLI exists to help young people navigate this season with confidence and focus.

We meet Thursdays at 7:30pm for Bible study. This is a fun opportunity to meet with other believers and dig into topics about life, scripture, current events, relationships, etc. We want to give you a place to belong, to connect in relationship with others, and be encouraged as you walk with Jesus. Even if you're not sure what you believe, we hope you'll come find your place with us.

If you'd like to get involved, send Bryan an email!


Let us know, we'd love to help.