Vertical Groups are our way of living in community together. Each group meets in someone’s house or at the church. Each group also has their own day they meet and schedule that they have decided upon to meet. Together, they study the bible and live life together. To get plugged into a Vertical Group that is closest to you and fits your schedule, please email Bryan for the ones closest to you!

Out of the Vertical Groups, we have something called Bolt Groups. Bolt groups are made up of 1 leader with 2-4 individuals that are committing to meet on a regular basis for a year or two. The goal is for each member to grow in his or her walk with Christ while helping to hold the others accountable in their walk. Once the individuals are ready to lead on their own, Bolt groups will multiply when they take on their own group by inviting others. These groups are close-knit and allow a more private setting, a great supplement to individual Bible study and larger group settings.

Contact Bryan Barton for more information at [email protected].  Let’s follow Christ’s example together!