// becoming fully-connected disciples

True disciples live their lives in process. Over time, they look more and more like Jesus as they follow him through their day-to-day lives. It's simple: traits found in Jesus should be found in the people who have spent time walking with him!

So what does a fully-connected disciple look like? We believe these 7 "M's" give us a pretty clear picture. Check them out and see how many of them are true of you!

>> The Fully-Connected Disciple is...
...a member of the mission + family of God.
...a true worshiper + magnifier of Jesus.
...constantly maturing as a follower of Jesus.
...a minister that serves the people around them.
...a trustworthy manager of their life resources.
...a messenger that lives to introduce people to Jesus.
...a multiplier, a disciple who makes disciples.

// The M7 Group

An M7 Group is, in short, 2-5 men or women who decide to link arms and walk through a season of life together. At its core, it's more than just another "Bible study" or "small group". It's built on friendship, accountability, and openness, designed for people who want to become fully-connected disciples. These groups meet regularly to catch up on life, talk about Jesus, pray for one another, and hold each other accountable.

To start an M7 Group, choose your people, pick a time + place to meet consistently, and register your group below! We'll send you and your group resources + encouragement to make your time together as beneficial as possible.


We've created a resource to help kickstart your M7 Group!