Created with purpose, on purpose,
for a purpose.

Refuge seeks to create a safe space within VLC where children with special needs can hear God’s word and engage with the church family as much as possible, while granting their families the ability to do the same.

Refuge offers care for kids at 9AM + 11AM on Sunday mornings, in our own space with toys and games! In addition, children who feel comfortable doing so can participate in the VLC Kids worship time, or worship in the Sanctuary (accompanied by a Buddy). We also love to spend time playing outdoors in an enclosed play area!

We want to do everything we can to provide a safe, loving environment for children that allows their families the opportunity to be at ease during their time at church. We put a high priority on being familiar with your child’s needs and knowing how they will interact with other children, in order to prepare our space and our team. For this reason, we require either a phone call or face-to-face meeting with parents/guardians prior to your child coming into our Refuge room.

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