June 3rd  -  July 27th

We are excited to be able to provide a week's worth of lunches for families in our area, all summer long! We will get to personally deliver their food on Thursday afternoons throughout the summer.

We'll be collecting these items all summer:

- bread
- sandwich bags
- peanut butter (various sizes)
- jelly (various sizes)
- canned tuna
- canned chicken
- cold lunch meats
- containers of KoolAid or other powdered drinks
- sweet treats (pudding, Jello, cookies, granola bars, fruit snacks, etc)
- chips
- canned fruit
- condiments
- hot dogs
- cheese slices
- vegetables (bags of baby carrots, broccoli, etc)
- canned soup
- bottled water
- plastic/metal silverware
- cups of macaroni and cheese

// If you are interested in helping deliver or sort the food, contact Bobby Nuñez!

// If you or someone you know could use the help this summer, you can sign up here!